Riccardo Vicarelli

Project Manager - Architect

After graduating in Architecture in 1999 at the University of Florence, he worked in Germany and then he joined the family business ``Centro Studi``, a successful construction company based in Perugia, Italy. He is specialised in residential properties and Project Management


Luca Pietrobelli


Luca is a passionate about real estate and development projects. Luca looks after the management and organisation of the company and engaging with clients / new business development.


Benedetto Benvenuto

Site Manager

Benedetto selects and leads teams of builders since the last 30 years. He has build over 200 flats in new residential developments in Italy as well as many refurbishment projects in the UK.


Fabio Marri

Chief Engineer

Fabio is a talented and sound engineer that carried out numerous projects across Italy and the UK. Fabio is a trained and certified engineer both in the UK and Italy and supports Three Arches in planning and regulations for the correct rollout of our projects.


Marta Berrettoni

Planning and Building Regulations Engineer

Marta, together with Fabio are highly skilled engineers looking after planning application + building regulations drawing and submission with the council / building control


Mirco Anselmi

Vice-Site Manager

Mirco has been working with Benedetto for the last 15 years and supports him and his projects as a vice-foreman